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Taping and Painting

Taping is a must when it comes to painting if you want it to look professional and well done. Painting requires that you tape and tarp off areas that you want to keep clean, and free of drips and splatters. Though you can paint without taping, it does take far longer and therefore costs more to do.


Taping can help make sure that lines are sharp and crisp and that paint, that does like to drip, does not drip down and ruin any other areas of your walls. Valdez Painting takes the time to tape off each area and tarp appropriate areas to make sure that the end result is nothing less than perfect. Taping off baseboards and molding is a must as is taping off areas that are not to be painted like accent walls or walls that simply do not need to be painted. With any professional service, you can expect taping as a major part of the prep process before painting even begins.


Taping allows the painters to move quickly without having to pay as much attention or without having to spend as much time creating sharp edges. The tape works as an edger of sorts making it possible for the job to move much faster.

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