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Using a Power Washer in Painting

Often times, power washing is needed in order to make exterior paint go on well. Pressure washing can remove old paint fragments, can remove mold and dirt, and can make an old exterior look new or ready it for a fresh coat of paint.


Pressure washing is also highly beneficial in areas of high traffic like porches, sidewalks, and decks. Pressure washing is the process of using pressurized water or a solution made of a cleaning solution and water to remove built up dirt and grime. This process takes time and can help to restore the look of siding, sidewalks, and decks either readying them for new paint, or making them look brand new on their own.


The right pressure washing services can help your home or other areas look great in just a few hours. Using a power washer as either a method of cleaning or a method of prepping the surface for paint is just one of many great services that Valdez Painting offers. If your home is in need of power washing either to prep for paint or just to make it look new again, Valdez Painting has you covered.

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