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Deck Repair and Painting

Decks are a great part of any home. They make your outdoor space usable and enjoyable and can make your outdoor space an extension of your home. Decks can be tricky to paint and often, they need some repair before they can be painted or even sealed.


Valdez Painting does some minor carpentry and can help you get your deck back to a usable state. We offer basic carpentry services like replacing boards, replacing nails, and even basic building such as rails and steps. If you have a deck that needs some minor repair work, Valdez Painting can help you to get your deck back looking perfect and can even paint it afterwards or seal it.


Repairing a deck is a necessary part of owning a deck and part of making it an enjoyable and usable outdoor space. The right deck repairs can make your deck a great place to spend the summer and any time of year. The right deck repairs can make any deck livable and usable.

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